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Pharmaceutical Business Operation

PharmaRun is Cloud base technology platform to Deliver results right away with ready-to-work sales and operation processes built on proven pharmaceutical industry best practices. It is fully integrated solutions helps companies improve collaboration, expand visibility, reduce costs, stop revenue leakage, and optimize performance.

PharmaRun Soutions

We offer a range of products that are designed to manage and optimize sales and distribution operations. Whether you need a complete ERP solution or just need to manage specific aspects of your business, we have the products and expertise to help you.

Customer Relationship Management

Integrate customer award process from Product lead generation, supply evaluation, Price modeling, product proposal generation to final award.


Demand Planning

Create accurate demand forecasts using criteria like customer forecast, Inventory threshold level,seasonaity of product and future inventory getting shortdated.


Inventory & Order Management

Integrate with third party Logistics and have real time data to monitor and control Sales, Inventory and Customer Orders and set alerts.



Revenue Management

Collaborate with various data points of customers and wholesalers like fees,rebates and discounts to calculate gross to net sales at NDC level and customer level.



Product Return Management

Ability to convert PDF copies received from third parties into a readable format, and then validate the returns for the correct prices and correct customer.



QuickBooks Payment Process Tool

With the QuickBooks Payment Process Tool, you can quickly and easily apply payments and credit memos to invoices in just a few clicks.